The Pocket Guide to Smarter Staffing for the Holidays

What will you learn?

  • Solutions that address support spikes without dramatically increasing agents
  • Three steps for retailers to develop a scalable customer service strategy
  • Cost-effective automation that will improve the quality of your brand's service

What's in this guide? 

Staffing for the holidays is a major pain point for most retailers. Not only is it costly both in terms of time and money but it's also becoming increasingly competitive. Implementing scalable infrastructure for support can not only decrease ticket volume and time to resolution during peak times, but can also improve support processes throughout the year. 

Don't wait until October to think about staffingDownload this guide and begin investing today, before you're slammed with the holiday rush or competing with other retailers for a limited pool of seasonal agents.

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You don't need to go big or go home this holiday season;  you just need to take the first few steps towards augmenting your workforce with the best technology that 2019 has to offer.

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