[Opus Research Report] Remarkable Real-World Results for Conversational Assistance

What will you learn?

  • The business impact and ROI of Helpshift
  • How one company saved more than $6.3 million annually
  • How to reduce support expenses by more than 30%

What's in this report? 

In this report, Opus Research Lead Analyst and Founder Dan Miller, surveys a selection of Helpshift customers to establish the business value of using a conversational engagement model for customer support. This report showcases how brands that bake conversational elements — such as messaging and chatbots — into customer support can improve the customer experience while cutting costs.

Download your copy to learn how Helpshift powered conversational engagement can deliver superior customer support at a reduced cost.

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Helpshift has been a great investment for us… We have shown the value that service can play in the development cycle and cut contact volume by 65%.

  • Zynga
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Brex