What's in this webinar?
The gaming industry weathered the storm that was 2020 by benefitting from the new captive base of home-bound users. However, the biggest winners in the space also excelled at the support game by using automation to address the sudden and unforeseen spike in support tickets. In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the 2021 Helpshift Player Support report to reveal metrics, trends, and insights from our rich source of in-house data and customer learnings, as well as best practices and case studies for navigating automation and the modern customer support journey.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How AI and bots enabled gaming companies to more quickly resolve player issues and provide a seamless support experience.
  • Why self-help options are increasingly gaining traction across the gaming industry.
  • How AI helps brands better classify and decode player problems for quicker resolutions.
Sam Pang
VP, Customer Success & Growth
Erik Ashby
Sr. Director, Product