[Guide] The Beginner’s Guide to Conversational Messaging

Actionable steps to get started with bots and set up your team for success

What will you take away?

  • How to group and train agents with messaging-first architecture
  • Insights on streamlining operations with workflows, automations, bots, and artificial intelligence
  • Steps to measuring success with messaging-based customer service

What's in this eBook? 

Brands that use messaging as a support channel speak their customer's language, and they are able to do so at scale. This guide will provide you with the six key steps necessary for successfully implementing conversational messaging while reaping all the associated benefits. 

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"Conversational messaging allows brands to deliver personalized, convenient and efficient customer service the moment that a customer needs support." 

  • Zynga
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Brex