The Future of Work in Customer Service

Connecting and engaging with customers is critical now more than ever. Brands must shift in order to continue delivering quality customer service. Embracing automation allows brands to rapidly scale, while still exhibiting empathy with customers during uncertain times.

This resource center will be updated weekly with helpful articles and webinars that showcase best practices from brands that have successfully shifted to digital customer service.

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Leverage automation to handle a surge in support requests free of charge

Many contact centers are struggling to adjust their operations to meet soaring demand due to COVID-19. That’s why Helpshift is offering its technology to impacted organizations at no cost, so you can leverage the power of automation to rapidly scale operations even with reduced staff.

Helpful Articles

Preparing Contact Center Agents For The Future of Work in Customer Service

Want to know how you can prepare for the future of customer service? Discover how to attract and retain agents with technology.

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How to Adapt When Revenue Shrinks but the Calls Keep Coming

Contact centers are facing unprecedented times, with demand on resources rising while, for many, revenue has decreased significantly. Here's how to adapt.

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Contact Centers and Coronavirus: How to Gain a Sense of Control

With contact centers set to be impacted by coronavirus, here are ways that you can stay in control and keep your operations moving.

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Automation Scales Empathy to Make Customer Support More Human

It may seem like a paradox but automation can actually make customer support more human by enabling empathy at scale. Here's how.

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In An Age Of Bailouts, Now Is The Time To Modernize Customer Service

With mounting uncertainty, brands hit hard by economic turmoil must urgently switch to a digital-first, multi-channel customer service strategy.

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Telehealth: Providing digital support to virtual patients

Caring for customers over virtual channels comes with its own challenges. How do you ensure the same level of care and empathy?

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How to Stay Connected With Customers Virtually When They’re Stuck at Home

How can brands connect with customers while their locations aren’t open? We’ll tell you how to connect with your customers virtually.

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The Quick Pivot to Remote: Lessons Learned from Helpshift

Nearly every company is grappling with the transition to 100% remote work. Here’s how Helpshfit has pulled it off so far.

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How to Measure the Productivity of Your Remote Workforce

Real-time operations solutions ensure remote worker productivity, with a particular focus on work-from-home customer service teams.

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