[Assessment] How Sophisticated is Your Customer Service Strategy?

Actionable steps to gain the competitive edge you need

What will you take away?

  • An assessment of your current customer service strategy
  • Actionable next steps to improve your customer service system
  • How Helpshift can streamline and scale your support

What's in this eBook?

Evaluation is important because consumers are demanding more; therefore, companies need to have a way to survey customers and relevantly meet their needs. In preparation for an automated future, companies need to build an enviroment that uses technology to boost dynamic and productive customer service employees. This eBook will provide you with an assessment of the sophistication of your current customer service strategy and how to improve it.

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"As customer service managers build out automated processes for ticket deflection and workforce management, they will also need to reconfigure their workforce to reflect this change." 

  • Zynga
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Brex