[Report] The Helpshift Benchmark Report

Discover how innovative brands are using messaging and automation

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What will you take away?

  • Customer service KPIs to strive for across digital channels
  • Insights into how digital channels stack up against asynchronous messaging
  • Trends on automation and the modern customer service landscape

What's in this report? 

The Helpshift Benchmark Report features anonymized, aggregated data points from 8 million support tickets from gaming, retail, finance and technology companies. The report examines metrics across digital channels including customer satisfaction, resolution times, and levels of automation.

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"Top performers stand out in asynchronous messaging with a 4.6 CSAT, 28 percent higher than the next closest channel: live chat."

  • Zynga
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Brex