What's in this webinar?
Today’s consumers expect a seamless or “omnichannel” service experience, so they can continue a conversation in a different channel without any friction. Yet, due to legacy service technologies that prioritize agent experiences, consumers are still forced to navigate siloed channels. The impact on customer loyalty can be severe. CustomerThink research has found that consumers were 50% less likely to recommend a brand after a disjointed service experience. Using modern technology, brands can empower customers and agents to switch between phone and messaging, without losing context. Finally, brands can deliver on the promise of omnichannel service experiences.

What will you take away?
  • Three steps needed to break down the silos separating phone and digital support
  • Connect online and offline channels to modernize self-service
  • How call centers can bridge the gap to digital support and leverage messaging, AI, and bots
Abinash Tripathy
Founder & CSO, Helpshift
Chris Bergin
Principal Business Development Manager, Amazon Connect