[Report] Opportunities for CX Automation

Learn how automation and AI can optimize your support organization.

What will you learn?

  • Optimization strategies to ensure seamless human-AI handoff
  • How automation can be a form of cost control for the contact center
  • Tips for empowering customers with automation through IVRs
  • How to personalize and maintain customer relationships through asynchronous messaging

What's in this report? 

The benefits of automation are numerous when it comes to the customer service journey. Capitalizing on intelligent automation allows customer needs to be met quickly, handle times to be driven down while bots collect information upfront, and improved resolution rates due to reduced ticket volumes.

But this is only possible through a frustration-free customer journey achieved by automation and agents working together.

Download this analyst report to gain insights from CCW to unite your customer service dream team: agents, bots, and automation.

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"“Correctly identifying the customer’s problem is the make-or-break step in offering effective, intelligent automation. Without it, all the benefits of automation become null, and indeed can even contribute to making the customer contact experience worse than it would have been without automation.”

- Abinash Tripathy, CEO & Founder, Helpshift

  • Zynga
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Brex