What's in this webinar?

Over the past few months, brands have had to adapt to new behaviors, priorities, and customer demands.

With this shift, catering to your customers in their moment of need is more important than ever. How can leaders take the first step to their transformation journey and focus on serving customers to the best of their abilities?

Paul Greenberg, customer engagement leader and advisor, will discuss these top-of-mind CX topics with Jake Petersen, CX Strategy Lead at Helpshift, in this Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar. In addition to answering YOUR questions about how to keep customers happy and loyal.
What will you take away?
  • Navigate channels in a new digital age: Make it as easy as possible for your customer to reach you, and engage them through the convenient channels they prefer.
  • Scale successfully with automation: Let microbots handle the monotonous work, so your agents can focus on complex tickets.
  • Anticipate customers’ needs: Utilize your customer service dream team of agents, microbots, and automation to stay one step ahead of your customers and keep them happy.
Paul Greenberg
Customer Engagement Advisor
Jake Petersen
CX Strategy Lead