What's in this webinar?
Our world today looks very different than it did a few weeks ago. Service leaders are suddenly faced with a forced reduction in capacity due to lockdowns and an unforeseen massive spike in service requests — a double whammy.

We want to help address your concerns. Join this 40-minute webinar that shares best practices on keeping customer service top of mind through turbulent times. In addition to answering your specific questions, this AMA with Abinash Tripathy and Shep Hyken will address some difficult topics about the future of work in customer service.
What will you take away?
  • How brands can determine priorities when business strategy has changed rapidly in a matter of weeks
  • A realistic, but expedited, timeline to supercharge your support operations with AI and hyperautomation
  • How brands can go above and beyond to maintain customer loyalty during a downturn
Shep Hyken
Customer Service &
Experience Expert
Abinash Tripathy
CEO & Founder