What's in this webinar recording?
With the impacts of COVID-19, service leaders need the ability to quickly address commonly asked questions, reduce hold time, route calls more effectively, and augment live agent support.

This Virtual Briefing is powered to give you real information on how you can quickly and effectively implement bots and a channel guidance strategy into your planning to help alleviate service issues and pain points. Register to hear best practices from leading brands like Pizza Hut, H&R Block, HGS, Directly, and Helpshift.
What will you take away?
  • Requirements and considerations for implementing bots
  • Effective ways to further your current bot usage strategy
  • Realistic implementation timelines for effective bot usage
  • How to implement a channel guidance strategy to reduce wait times
  • How to implement channel pivoting strategies to move contacts from phone into digital
  • How to ensure your customers are getting their issues resolved using your self help portal
Abinash Tripathy
CEO & Founder

Virgil Wong
VP, Digital/Experience/Creative
HGS Digital