[Report] CCW Special Report: Mobile Customer Experience

Why Mobile Should be Driving the Digital Customer Experience

What's in this report? 

At the height of the pandemic, most consumers were forced to interact with brands digitally – in many instances, for the very first time. Such an accelerated shift has shed light on the capabilities of companies to deliver a great mobile-first experience by truly differentiating against competition and meeting customers where they wish to be met.

According to CCW Digital’s 2020 Consumer Preferences Survey, 55% of customers believe that a good customer experience within digital channels is best defined by being easy to use on mobile devices.

What will you learn?

Featuring cutting edge market research and insights from practitioners within the CX, UX and Service Design spaces, this report will cover:

  • Emerging trends within the digital environment and the future landscape of mobile CX
  • Why mobile should be driving the digital customer experience strategy for your brand
  • 5 actionable steps toward achieving a great mobile-first customer experience
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One of the biggest shifts of recent years has been the emergence of mobile as a primary experience for a big part of the market, especially younger consumers. They practically live on their phones, bouncing in and out of apps throughout the day. Major industries have been disrupted and entire new ones have been created since the first iPhone was introduced in 2008. Today's consumers expect to buy everything they need, arrange transportation, send money and manage their finances and even find their romantic partners via mobile apps.

- Abinash Tripathy, CEO & Founder, Helpshift

  • Microsoft
  • Western Union
  • BBVA
  • Virgin Media
  • Xfinity