What's in this webinar?
According to recent research, nine out of 10 customers crave omnichannel environments when they conduct business with a company. Today’s consumers expect a seamless or “omnichannel” service experience, so they can continue a conversation in a different channel without the disruption of being disconnected.

Yet, due to the prevalence of legacy service technologies that prioritize a single-view for staff members, consumers are forced to endure fragmented experiences and navigate between siloed channels. By using technologies that put customers first, brands can enable channel-roaming experiences (even between phone and digital messaging) so agents and customers never lose context.

This webinar will empower CX professionals to provide seamless interactions customers will applaud by fixing broken omnichannel experiences and minimizing support costs.
What will you take away?
  • How to deliver a scalable solution that empowers agents and engages customers
  • Ways to use integrated self-service, AI, and smart ticketing to deliver world-class support
  • How traditional centers can bridge the gap to digital support by leveraging the right tools
Abinash Tripathy
Founder & CEO